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Special Operations Support

The Global War on Terror has proven that most future conflicts will be characterized by an increase in special operations missions.  However, the downsizing of military forces, a reduced overseas presence, and the shift to a force projection strategy all reinforce the need to develop and refine the ability to rapidly provide tailored, modular, forward-deployed logistics to Special Operations Forces.  HAGER Development Group leads the industry in developing and implementing a special operations support initiative that provides aggressive, modular, forward-deployable logistics and support on a moment's notice anywhere SOF requirements exist.  HAGER Development Group is able to plan, coordinate, and provide combat service support and combat health support to SOF.  We also coordinate and provide operational and tactical communications support for Joint Special Operations Task Force commanders and have the capability to provide an initial deployment package of critical support, subject matter experts, and service modules to arrive in an area of operations. 

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