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  • Defense and Intelligence​

    • ​As global threats to the United States continue to adapt and change, so must our methodologies, strategies, tactics, and technologies. Hager Development Group understands the uncertainties and challenges that exist in this complex environment.  This has allowed us to remain in front of these complex threats and provide our clients with the most complete and advanced defense and intelligence support solutions. Hager Development Group are recognized experts in analysis, collection, counterintelligence, science, and technology.  Our vast knowledge and expertise encompasses four intelligence competencies: all-source analysis; counterintelligence (CI); human intelligence (HUMINT), and measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT).  Our expertise enhances these defense intelligence requirements by utilizing common processes, collaborative tools, and innovative approaches.  Our expert teams and support solutions are able to deploy worldwide, providing defense and intelligence support to combatant commands, warfighters, defense planners, and policy makers to meet operational and tactical priority intelligence requirements.  Our all-source defense intelligence teams are equipped with the latest technology, provided with the most thorough training, ensuring that Hager Development Group is a national leader of defense intelligence support, whenever and wherever required.  Hager Development Group partners with our clients to defend America’s national security interests.

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