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  • Engineering & Technology

    • HAGER can manage all initiatives, project management, production management, operations management, quality improvement, and systems engineering as a portfolio lead or consultant for such goals as:

      • new product development,

      • product improvement,

      • internal or external software development,

      • research,

      • product testing, and

      • process improvement.

  • HAGER's cross-functional leadership and administration of project plans, project documentation, timelines, capability assessments, process flows, and strategic competitor assessments, can contribute and work closely with mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to develop quality solutions.  HAGER will drive implementation and change management for projects direct to the end users.

  • HAGER's capabilities, process and implementation can cover the following:
    • Clear hand-offs of knowledge for post implementation support

    • Stakeholder management and stakeholder engagement

    • Complete and consolidate execution plans, timelines, action items, business cases, risk assessments, test plans, and other key documentation to support projects.

    • External research for innovation, including competitor analysis and patents

    • Internal assessments of gaps for future solve

    • Develop strategies for the future of the portfolio

    • Manage efforts of third-parties and overseas vendors as required

    • Collaborate with and lead cross functional partners to execute within their responsibilities

    • Maintain source of truth for current state and planned activities

    • Perform internal and external research to better understand projects, issues, risks, and new technologies

    • Consolidate, understand, and asses evolving cross-functional team and customer needs

    • Implementation, adoption, and change management

    • Testing and validation

    • Product definition and development

    • Concept scoping and feasibility assessment

    • Gather requirements

    • Management across all phases of projects

    • Manage projects and primary point of contact for prioritized efforts

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