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CenMed’s proposed Equipment Maintenance Agreement offer the following benefits:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance in accordance with OEM specifications

  • Consolidated equipment coverage under a single service agreement.

  • Standardization of service delivery through a central call center.

  • Immediate reduction in annual maintenance contract costs.

  • Service reporting solutions to monitor and report various service delivery metrics.

  • Special ad hoc reports delivered through high security file sharing platform.

  • Discounts on ancillary products and supplies which are used on covered equipment.

Hagar/CenMed’s EMMS provides its clients with long term cost savings, responsive service, and online reporting capabilities.  Backed by 30 years of experience, the support of more than 1,400 service providers, a 18,000 square foot facility, and 42 full-time equipment maintenance management professionals, CenMed presents a qualified maintenance management solution in terms of cost, benefits, and level of support.  CenMed is committed to helping its customers deliver on its mission in serving our veterans.  Our coverage benefits exceed the industry standard and are designed to bridge the gap compared to traditional stand-alone OEM service agreements. 


Technical Approach

For evaluation purposes, HAGER has provided below its technical capabilities and approach necessary to provide a preventative maintenance agreement on the Injector Systems located at the Indianapolis VAMC.  HAGER and CenMed work strategically with a qualified network of providers that possess active and current training or equivalent certifications for specialized equipment.   As the prime contractor and multi-vendor service manager, CenMed will manage the service delivery process and utilize the OEM and ISOs for preventative maintenance services required throughout the Period of Performance.

Full-Service Maintenance and Repair Coverage

Our Firm-Fixed Price agreement shall cover the cost of emergency repair service, parts, labor, tools, travel, shipping, remote support, and management necessary to maintain and repair the injectors. Service shall be performed during normal business hours of 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday local time.  CenMed will respond to all service requests by telephone within 30 minutes during normal business hours.  On a monthly average, 98% of all calls are answered within the first ten seconds by a live operator.  Additionally, an on-call dispatch representative will be available 24x7 and shall respond to service requests within two (2) hours in the event a call is received after normal business hours.  Field Service Engineers (FSE) provide timely on-site service on a best-efforts basis and often prioritize response depending on the severity of the service request with an on-site target of 24 hours. With the technical user’s authorization, CenMed may identify local service providers, if applicable, to service non-proprietary system components.  Our agreement provides on-site corrective service calls while saving an estimated 15-28% compared to the OEM maintenance agreement.

Preventative Maintenance

HAGER shall cover the cost of one (1) Preventative Maintenance (PM) visit per OEM specifications, which shall include all parts and consumables required to complete the PMs. We will also provide prompt technical support for laser compliance and calibration checks for the injector systems and utilize procedures, techniques and current technology which are considered to be the standards per TJC, FDA, and ANSI.  HAGER will use the expertise of certified ISOs to perform annual PMs to ensure the injector systems working in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.  PMs will be performed by a factory trained FSE in accordance with OEM guidelines at a time and date mutually acceptable to the authorized technical user and the FSE. All work will be in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, Local, and industry: standards, laws, policies, procedures, codes, and any other applicable governing body for the proper performance of all equipment per manufactures specifications.

Dispatch Service Center

Technical users will initiate all service through CenMed’s Dispatch Service Center at (732) 339-6100.  The Dispatch Service Center offers the Government a single point of contact for initiating all maintenance service requests, regardless of the equipment modality, and is fully staffed 8:00am – 5:00pm EST.  The Dispatch Service Center is on call outside of normal business hours in order to field questions and place all service calls with the highest priority. This allows for nearly each call to be answered on the first attempt by a live operator without an automatic pre‐screening or a hold time.  As an added benefit, CenMed enables the user to contact the OEM or technician direct.  This offers added redundancy and ease of service.

Telephone Support

CenMed provides coverage for technical telephone support 24x7.  CenMed shall cover all costs associated with technical support and troubleshooting necessary to address a system malfunction.

Genuine Manufacturer Replacement Parts

CenMed is fully aware of the DOD gray market provisions and certifies to cover the cost of genuine OEM replacement parts throughout the Period of Performance. Unlike other maintenance management providers, CenMed maintains a positive CPARs track record with no discrepancies nor deficiencies.  CenMed shall cover the cost of all replacement parts at no additional cost to the Government except for consumables, supplies, and/or parts needed as a result of non-covered service events.  As an ancillary benefit to our customers, consumable and supply items are subject to 30% savings as compared to OEM direct.

Reporting & Documentation

At the completion of each repair, the designated FSE will be instructed to provide a written service report to the COR. The report shall detail the nature of the service request completed.  All program transactions, equipment maintenance activity and vendor information are available on demand by calling CenMed.  CenMed also uploads reports via its maintenance management application so that reports are viewable to authorized agency users.  

Service Delivery Schedule

Agencies maintain the option to initiate repairs at any time during the POP.  At the COTR’s direction, a set schedule may be provided based on the prior repair completion.  This flexibility allows users to select a date and time that would yield minimum impact to productivity or patient use.  Upon award implementation, prior repair completion data may be requested to assist with future planning. 

Limitations on Subcontracting

With respect to the Limitations on Subcontracting, I would like to confirm we are compliant with FAR 52.219-14 as prescribed by 19.507.  The limitation on subcontracting applies specifically to set-aside requirements with a value under the simplified acquisition threshold as defined by 48 CFR 2.101.  Per 48 CFR 2.101 the threshold is $250,000 total contract value which allows us to act as the small business prime for this particular requirement.  Separately, under maintenance service agreements the projected onsite labor varies depending on the need whereas the tracking and dispatch service center is available 24/7 throughout the POP and performed directly by HAGER as the prime contractor.   

How the Program Works

CenMed offers a centralized point of contact for requesting maintenance and repair service. When an equipment failure occurs or telephone support is required, the authorized technical user shall notify the Dispatch Service Center by either calling (732) 339-6100 or requesting an email via


Technical Compliance

Hager Development Group (HAGER) confirms that all work will be performed by qualified technicians in compliance with OEM recommendations, codes, and standards.  With our partners we have covered equipment for VA Medical Centers as well as the Department of Defense.  HAGER has implemented comprehensive service and support agreements for laboratory, healthcare, and research critical equipment.  Through our service model we would be able to ensure minimum down time for the equipment during the period of performance.  We have extensive partnerships with original equipment manufacturers to provide timely service.  HAGER provides a qualified solution for its customers, and we are committed to helping customers on their mission in research and patient care. 

            During the call, the end user will be asked to provide details about the equipment and the failure.  CenMed’s dispatch representatives will log all pertinent information related to the equipment malfunction and immediately issue a service ticket to the service provider as specified by the technical user. A service technician will contact the user for technical support and will arrange on-site service to perform required services. At the completion of each service event, CenMed will issue payment directly to the selected service provider for services rendered.


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